TCES Past Conferences

TCES 2011 in Leeds

The conference was hosted by Prof Eileen Ingham and Dr Stacy-Paul Wilshaw from the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering.

The Early Stage Investigator prize was awarded to Dr Rebecca Shipley, a Junior Research Fellow from the University of Oxford. Her research involves the use of mathematical modelling techniques in relation to medical systems. Her talk was entitled 'Fluid and mass transport modelling to drive the design of cell-packed hollow fibre bioreactors'.


Rebecca Shipley

Rebecca is awarded the ESI prize by Robert Brown.

The oral presentation prize was awarded to Dr Yella Martin (Blond McIndoe Research Foundation). Her talk was entitled 'Autologous keratinocytes and fibroblasts delivered on microcarriers in combination with with Integra significantly reduce wound contraction in vivo in the porcine model of wound repair'.

Robert presents Dimitrios Kouroupis (University of Leeds) with the 1st prize for his poster.

Dr. Samantha Passey (University of Bedfordshire) is presented with 2nd prize for her poster by Robert.

Juliet Bell (University of Sheffield) receives the 3rd prize for her poster presentation.