Other Events

February 2015

Innovate UK/NC3Rs Networking Events

Edinburgh/London/Manchester, UK: February 2015

The NC3Rs and Innovate UK are hosting a series of consortia building workshops in February to support researchers in building consortia to apply for the second round of funding in our non-animal technologies initiative. This is an ideal opportunity for the tissue engineering and stem cell communities to explore opportunities for wider application of their models.

Registration is now open for the Innovate UK/NC3Rs networking events in February.

The aim of these networking and partnering workshops is to build consortia to apply to non-animal technologies (NAT) Call 2: Advancing the development and application of NAT through collaborative research and development. This call builds on the feasibility study call run in 2014.
Once you have registered you will be provided with online networking facilities and asked to add your profile details. This will enable you to schedule 1:1 meetings with fellow delegates to explore possible collaborations to enter the competition. In addition we recommend you bring with you a single slide describing your technology and need for partners for the capability showcase session and a portrait style A2 poster to stimulate discussion with other attendees.
The competition will be open to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, agrochemical, personal care and contract research industries with support from businesses in manufacturing, ICT and informatics, and academic groups.

You can register for more than one event to maximise the number of potential partners you will meet.

London, UK: 13th February 2015


Manchester, UK: 16th February 2015


Edinburgh, UK: 19th February 2015





April 2015

Workshop on Regenerative Medicine for Lifelong Health

Astana, Kazakhstan: 19-23rd April 2015

This workshop on Regenerative medicine for lifelong health and wellbeing will focus on the interface between regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, and the biology of ageing and age-related diseases. It will explore both how regenerative medicine approaches can be applied to the diseases and degenerations of later life, together with a consideration of the biology of aged tissue that provides the context for (and the driver of) such regenerative medicine approaches. As such, the workshop would be of particular interest to researchers in the areas of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering that are (or may be) relevant to applications in age-related disease and degenerations, and biogerontologists researching the fundamental biology of ageing in systems that might be amendable to a regenerative medicine approach in the future, or would provide fundamental insights relevant to such approaches. So if you are an ECR (within 10 years of your PhD) and are interested, please contact Professor Kipling directly.

Call for Early Career Researchers from the UK and Khazakstan is now open, with travel and accommodation expenses covered by the Newton-Al Farabi Partnership Programme. The application form, with more details on the initiative, is available from KiplingD@cardiff.ac.uk and should be returned to that address before the deadline of 5th February 2015.



May 2016

World Biomaterials Congress

Montreal, Canada: 17th-22nd May 2016


Call for NEW FRONTIER Symposia is now open - closing date: March 1st, 2015