The Tissue & Cell Engineering Society


TCES2009 - 8-10 July GLASGOW, UK

TCES2009 was hosted jointly by the Centre for Cell Engineering (University of Glasgow) and the Laboratory for Biomolecular Nanotechnology (University of Strathclyde).

Many-thanks to Mr Andrew Hart for the Images.

This year the conference was organised by Matthew Dalby and Rein Ulijn.

...............(NOTE: Rein has the tan)

Ready to go?

Invited speakers were: Alvaro Mata

Masaru Tanaka

Jesus de la Fuente

Catherine Berry

TCES president Robert Brown

James Phillips

Adam Engler

Nicola Tirelli

Adam Curtis

Sheila MacNeil

Stephen Richardson took the Early Stage Invesitgator Award (well deserved).

Jon Dawson (Southampton) won the prize for best oral presentation.
Louise Smith (Sheffield) won first poster prize
Asma Boussahel (Nottingham) won second poster prize
Sharon Smith (Strathclyde) won third poster prize

Emma East from the Open University scooped the sponsors raffle helicopter!

We had a civic reception.

Here we are still having a civic reception at Glasgow City Chambers.

Claire basically did everything whilst Rein and myself scooped all the glory.

All abord the Tall Ship.

Mathis and Adam probably laughing at my expense.