Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES)

"This Society has the aim of furthering knowledge, research and dissemination of information on Cell and Tissue Engineering."

The next TCES conference will be held in London from the 4th-6th of July 2016! Please click here for more information and registration.


Join the Society! Being a member comes with a range of benefits, including networking opportunities, information about PhD and job opportunities through our mailing list, a scientific membership on your CV, and eligibility for TCES bursaries and grants. Some University courses, like the MRes course in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester, have adopted TCES memberships for their students as a part of the course. Student memberships come at a discounted price of only 10 pounds per year!

Also, do not forget: We offer travel bursaries and several awards to our members!

EXISTING MEMBERS: Please keep us informed of any changes in your contact details by emailing your updated contact details to the TCES Membership Secretary, Prof. Felicity Rose (felicity.rose@nottingham.ac.uk)

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